Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Arrogance Of Windows 10

Microsoft's Windows product has stumbled a great deal in the post-Bill Gates era, most notably with the disastrous rollout of Windows Vista (and its reputation for poor performance). Forcing people to upgrade to Windows 10 may eclipse everything that's ever happened before:
Microsoft has been trying to lure computer users into its new operating system for months, bombarding them with unending pop-up screens. But many users are comfortable with the systems they have, have no interest in learning new operations and have simply clicked the “X” to get rid of the unwanted solicitation.

You can’t do that anymore.

Microsoft changed the coding on the “X” so that clicking it now instructs MS to “upgrade” your computer to Windows 10. Yes, really.

In fact, the two options on the page, “OK” and “Upgrade Now,” do the same thing as the “X.”

To avoid the forced “upgrade,” a user has to go into the fine print.

Inside a logo box in the ad is a scheduled date for a mandatory upgrade. The user must look in the tiny type just below that line and find where it says “here” and click on that to avoid the upgrade.
In addition to engaging in clickbait-style user interface changes, this is deeply deceptive and wholly unacceptable by large users. I can't imagine an institutional Windows customer would stand still for this kind of forced upgrade. 

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