Wednesday, March 10, 2021

No, Israel Is Not Over 90% Vaccinated

 If, like me, you had accepted at face value the marvelous gift of, you probably assumed all the figures there were taken directly from the underlying data sources, and that any errors were due to their sources. This led me to the conclusion that Israel has already vaccinated over 90% of their population.

Unfortunately, it does not appear this is true. The Our World In Data repository at GitHub in their file for country vaccination data says that the total_vaccinations field is 8,975,914 for 2021-03-09 — which is also the figure being shown on the graph above. Unfortunately, this field only tells us how many shots have been given, so a two-dose regime double-counts such individuals. When we use the people_fully_vaccinated and people_vaccinated fields, the graph looks like this:

I've fired off an email to Prof. Fagen-Ulmschneider, and we'll see if he responds.

Update 2021-03-22: Much overdue, but the good professor back on March 11 acknowledged my contribution on his main page, and has made appropriate corrections.

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