Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sunday Linkies

  • The ACLU has come out in favor of M2F participation in biological women's sporting events, an announcement that was immediately panned by Martina Navratilova: The ACLU's source for this claim is a data-free essay from ... Everyday Feminism.
  • Reason ran a fine essay on sex differences in athletics that probably won't do much to change the current situation, larded as it is with loud advocates resting on spectral evidence that doesn't really address the differences between M2F transgender athletes and biological women. 
  • A terrific thread from @FondOfBeetles showing how adolescent boys routinely break records set by the best women in track. Opening shot:
  • A useful article from T Nation on the subject of transgender athletes:
    Most experts say that the average testosterone production for biological females ranges between 0.52 to 2.8 nmol/L. The Mayo Clinic put that range even lower (2). And while experts may vary in what they consider average among females, the consensus is almost always below 3 nanomoles/L.

    But remember, federations like the IOC require a male-born person to suppress and maintain testosterone production at 10 nanomoles/L.

    So even if a woman was genetically blessed with testosterone levels that reached 3 nmol/L, that would still be less than half of what a trans woman would be allowed to have during the competition. To look at it another way, her male-born competitor would have just over three times as much testosterone, even with hormone-altering drugs.
  • Sex differences in the human brain show up before birth. The last refuge of the blank slate-ist is gone.
  • Kirsten Gillibrand has zero endorsements
  • Finland's government has collapsed following failed efforts to reform the country's healthcare delivery system.  This is interesting for a lot of reasons, not least because Finland has better per-capita spending on healthcare than France, which is often used as a model for US single-payer/M4A advocates (the light blue line below is Finland):

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