Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Physician, Heal Thyself: TechCrunch's "Diversity" Hypocrisy

So, this happened:

So, um, let's check out the diversity of the staff at TechCrunch:

Writer Sex Ethnicity
Matthew Panzarino Male White
Matt Burns Male White
Alex Wilhelm Male White
Anna Escher Female White
Anthony Ha Male Asian
Bryce Durbin Male White
Catherine Shu Female Asian
Chris Nesi Male White
Connie Loizos Female White
Drew Olanoff Male White
Felicia Williams Female White
Frederic Lardinois Male White
Greg Kumparak Male White
Henry Pickavet Male White
JaNelle Hasty Female Black
Ingrid Lunden Female White
Joey Hinson Male White
John Biggs Male White
Jon Russell Male White
Jonathan Shieber Male White
Jordan Crook Female White
Jesse Chambers Male White
Writer Sex Ethnicity
Josh Constine Male White
Kim-Mai Cutler Female Asian
Leslie Hitchcock Female White
Matthew Lynley Male White
Megan Rose Dickey Female Black
Mike Butcher Male White
Natasha Lomas Female White
Ned Desmond Male White
Nicholas Vincent Male White
Nicole Wilke Female White
Romain Dillet Male White
Sam O'Keefe Female White
Sarah Buhr Female White
Sarah Lane Female White
Sarah Perez Female Hispanic
Stephen Wood Male White
Steve Long Male White
Steve O'Hear Male White
Tito Hamze Male White
Travis Bernard Male White
Yashad Kulkarni Male Arabic?

In graphical form:
Oh, dear, overwhelmingly male (64%) and/or white (83%), which latter is worse than the "senior investment team" they decry on racial grounds. I don't expect this will end TechCrunch's apparently limitless belief they should be able to shove their nose into other people's companies, but it does serve to illustrate what a raging bunch of hypocrites they are.

Update: If we look at bylines, the numbers are, well, interesting:
Men are still the dominant writers at TechCrunch (73% of bylines), and whites are even more so (83% of bylines). Yeah, whatever, TechCrunch.

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