Sunday, January 4, 2015

The First Time Amanda Marcotte Shows You What She Is, Believe Her

I realize I've mangled the Maya Angelou quote ("When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time"), but I've never liked the way that scans. Still, it's wholly appropriate for an exchange and subsequent observation I had in the comments of her dreadful Scott Aaronson attack piece of last week. The whole thing started with this interaction:

I don't particularly have any interest in stirring up the sand flies infesting the comments section over there, but I found myself scanning the other comments, and "tough guy" kept showing up. His interaction with me there notwithstanding, he was pretty reasonable elsewhere, so this bit really shocked me:
To which the commentariat ungenerously replied (as he predicted!):
But here's the kicker: Marcotte herself steps in:
Well, boy, howdy.
Well, of course. Not enough that I tell him that Marcotte engages in character assassination; apparently one must live through it. No matter who the subject, from an otherwise obscure MIT professor to an unknown commenter on her blog, men are always liars. Marcotte just knows this, just like she knows Aaronson supports rapists. Amazing.

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