Friday, January 16, 2015

Anti-Empirical Feminism, #1 In A Series

Is there any evidence, whatsoever, behind this wild-eyed, lachrimose statement?
Gender-based violence is not like the weather. It has direct, immediate human agents and is structural and systemic at its core. But the new campaign de-politicizes and de-genders sexual assault, portraying it as an easy-to-avoid problem solely between individuals, and making perpetrators out to be vague “someones” who do “something” to other “someones.” In reality, perpetrators are disproportionately likely to be men and their victims are disproportionately likely to be women (particularly queer and trans women, women of color, and women with disabilities), queer men, and gender non-conforming folks.
Given that homosexuals make up less than five percent of the population (the LGBT community as a whole is 3.8% in the United States per the Williams Institute as of 2011), this falls into the "extraordinary claims requires extraordinary evidence" category. I guess they're so used to people nodding and agreeing they don't ever expect to have their claims examined with even the weakest carbolic acid of skepticism.

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