Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bullety Stuff

  • She's Baaaack: Anita Sarkeesian, Jack Thompson, And The Censorious Urge: A couple today from Scott Shackford at Reason and Mytheos Holt at The Federalist about the latest Twitter kerfluffle from Anita Sarkeesian, who thinks Doom is too violent; both cite Popehat's zinger about disgraced video game critic Jack Thompson having lifted the password to her account. Hee:
    For Leftist ideologues like Sarkeesian and McIntosh, the game is a reminder that their ideology is forever cut off from human nature, and that their utopian vision of a world without urges toward violence will always ultimately be chainsawed by reality before being drowned in a storm of unapologetically humanistic gunfire.
  • The Hunting Ground Documentarian Stomps Feet, Runs Up To Room: Cathy Young pointed me at Amy Ziering's pointed refusal to address her critics in an interview at Forward. Excerpt:
    There have been articles written by Emily Yoffe and Cathy Young bringing another voice to the conversation of sexual assault on campus. Does that drive the conversation because it brings another view? Does it hurt?

    I think there’s always gonna be people who want to make something horrible go away. I just wish those articles and analyses were better informed. Do your homework.The real issue is these crimes are happening at epidemic rates and the false reporting of sexual assault is exactly the same as any other crime and we don’t read Emily and others writing about their suspicions about false burglary claims or carjacking claims or robberies or battery allegations. It’s not statistically anomalous. 92 to 98 percent of people who report rape are telling the truth. That’s where our outrage should be. Less than 2% of criminals who commit these crimes ever see any kind of punishment. Those are the alarming statistics. There’s no debate. There’s a truth, these crimes are happening and they’re not being properly investigated. That’s what we should be talking about and worrying about.
    Of course, she doesn't feel obliged to answer the particulars raised by those journalists and their stories, merely dismissing them as uninformed. Dogma. 
  • The Reductress. You're welcome.
  • Update: Good piece at Reason from last December that exposes Anita Sarkeesian's hypocrisy on the subject of prostitution;  male prostitutes are "sex workers" but women in that profession are "prostituted women".
    Author, media consultant, and former sex worker Maggie McNeil cited the Burchill quote when discussing why she mistrusts Sarkeesian and her criticism of games. McNeil says that to her, Sarkeesian's position is "summed up by the fact" that she does not refer to male sex workers as "prostituted" but does refer to female sex workers as prostituted women.

    "What this tells us is that she sees men as creatures able to make sexual choices," McNeil says, "but she sees women as creatures who can only have sex for traditional reasons—love, or romance or whatever. But if women are [having sex] for tactical reasons, then she sees this as somehow suspect—that a man must be doing that. Hence the [term] prostituted. Someone has done this to her."

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